PDM, India and Israel Three sides of the same triangle: Shibli Faraz

PDM, India and Israel Three sides of the same triangle: Shibli Faraz

Information Minister Shibli Faraz is addressing a press conference on October 25, 2020 in Islamabad. – YouTube / Hum News Live

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Shibli Faraz on Sunday said that Pakistan Democratic Movement, India and Israel are three sides of the same triangle as the opposition’s anti-government campaign has gained momentum.

Addressing a press conference, Faraz noted that “no one is above the state” and said that the government would not allow anyone to save its “looted assets” under the guise of the struggle for democracy.

“The PDM’s position is a mirror of Pakistan’s enemies,” he said. He further said that the policy of Prime Minister Imran Khan was to rid the country of corrupt elements.

“Imran Khan will not be forgiven for returning to the country,” he said.

The minister said that in the past, institutions were used for personal reasons and the direction of the incoming government was in the right direction. “We will strengthen the institutions.”

Talking about the PDM meeting in the capital of Balochistan, he said that “thugs” have set up camp in Quetta today.

Criticizing PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, Faraz said a man declared a fugitive by the court addressed the rally.

“the person [Nawaz} targeted the Pakistan Army [in his speech]”This is the same army that has sacrificed its lives in the war on terror,” he added.

He said that everything was fine when he was in power, however, after leaving office, he has laid the blame on the institutions.

“The PDM’s agenda is similar to that of India and Israel,” the minister said.

Criticizing the PPP, he questioned its performance in Sindh. “What have you done in Sindh? The opposition is responsible for the current situation in the country.”

“You have a tainted past, and you can’t get rid of it,” he added.

He condemned the demand for “Azad (Azad) Balochistan” from the PDM platform and said that the government would take action against Nawaz Sharif and others.

“It would have been better if the PDM had discussed blasphemous French cartoons,” he said, adding that the opposition had not shed “enough” light on the issue.

Condemning the act in France, he reminded the people that Prime Minister Imran Khan had spoken at the United Nations about the glory of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).


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