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‘People need mountains’: Swiss ski resort buck lockdown – Travel

Blue skies on the Matterhorn attracted Germans and snowboarders to Jermet on Saturday, along with police to break up the crowd as Switzerland’s modest coronavirus restrictions allowed normal operation, while other Alpine resorts keep their elevators closed.

France, Italy, Austria and Germany have also ordered high-altitude elevators, which can close it as quickly as possible in winter, to remain closed for now in the hope that all resorts benefit in the peak-season Can, if and when the infection rate slows down. .

Switzerland, despite being a second-wave coronovirus hotspot with 5,000 infections a day and rising deaths, is hoping that a middle passage of social disturbances, limits on gatherings and wearing masks can boost columns of the economy such as Tourism without fuel. Epidemic.

“If it’s open, I’ll definitely ski,” said Sved Max Ahlstedt, on the glacier where Jermet goes skiing year-round. “You just … have to accept wearing a mask.”

On the Italian side of the glacier, above the border in Sarkinia, the elevators have been closed indefinitely since 25 October.

Some Swiss resorts, including Davos in the North West, claim “cold-fogging” devices to explode the interiors of Gondol and “kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and spores in a minute”.

The Swiss Tourism Association has also considered “safe and secure” as its motto in hopes of easing the veins of tourists.

And freedom from imprisonment can by no means bring a day down the slope.

“It would be worse if you could not go to the mountains,” said Anne Spiegler, a German living in Zurich.

Swiss skier Jean-François Paschaud said that it is “you forget the measures of the mask”.

Swiss resorts are aware that the number of guests from the UK, Netherlands, Germany or Scandinavia will inevitably be below a normal weather level, as vaccine stunts will have to wait for travel across the border.

Other countries will be happy to start their winter tourism season.

In Austria, both the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier near Zell MC and the Hintx Glacier near Mefrofen hope to reopen on 6 December, the moment that ends a national lockout – and the visitors to the Ischglin Resort of Ischaglin last February To erase the memories of an outbreak in between. Which spreads coronavirus throughout Europe.

He said Jermet Mayor Romy Bener-Hauser thinks the future is bright: “People need a holiday,” he says. “People need mountains.”

(This story is published from a wire agency feed without textual modifications.)

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