Playing in a bio-safe environment is unrealistic, Rahul Dravid believes cricket news

Playing in a bio-safe environment is unrealistic, Rahul Dravid believes cricket news

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New Delhi: Former India captain Rahul Dravid feels that the ambition to resume cricket in a bio-safe environment is “unrealistic”, giving a thumbs-up to the concept formulated mainly by the England and Wales Cricket Board .

Seeking to resume its cricket season after several weeks of inactivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ECB recently announced that it would be at bio-safe locations to host Pakistan and the West Indies in the summer.

But the great Dravid is not convinced with the batting concept.

Dravid said, “It is something unrealistic that things should happen at the level, talking about the ECB. Obviously, the ECB is very keen to conduct these series as they have no other cricket .. . “, Dravid said.

“Even if they are able to potentially create a bubble and manage it that way, I think it would not be possible for everyone to travel with the kind of calendar that we You do it on tourism and the number of people involved, ”he said.

Not only the ECB, even South Africa has suggested that India-prescribed tours can be tried in a bio-safe environment.

“We are all hoping that things will develop over time and get better medicines.

“In the case of the bio-bubble, you do all the tests, quarantines and then on the second day of the test match, what if a player tests positive? What happens then? The rules, as they now stand, the public will see? Keeping everyone else in the health department in quarantine. ”

This would mean a sudden end to the proceedings in a Test match.

“… that eliminates all the expenses that were incurred to get everyone there and create that environment.

“We are going to work with the health department and government officials to ascertain whether a player tests positive, the entire tournament has not been canceled,” said Dravid, who heads the National Cricket Academy.

Cricket, like all other global sports, has come to a halt due to the epidemic, which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei Province. Players have been confined to their homes due to the lockdowns implemented to prevent the epidemic.

“At a professional level, players will adjust and not let it affect their performance much. A professional, once he lands on the field, takes great pride in himself.”

“Then they will find a way to deal with it. But at the end of the day the experience will not be the same.”

He said that if the players go behind closed doors then the players will definitely remember the experience of performing in front of the packed stand.

“Players like to perform in front of a crowd, connect with their fans and that adds incredible complexity to a game. I think a player will definitely miss. When you perform in front of a big crowd There is a personal self-satisfaction. ”

Dravid advised players to focus only on the things that are under their control, such as how to regain their skills after long and unpredictable intervals.

“As a sportsman, we are used to dealing with a lot of uncertainty during our career. Not everything falls into place. You get scared and worried about stuff but I think that I One of the things I have done is to think about it. The things I can control.

“All you can control is your preparation, practice, emotional and mental well-being. You can’t control your results or performances … It will probably take a little time to capture their core skill level. But it can’t. Take a long time. It’s like riding a bicycle. ”


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