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PM Modi holds ‘bilateral virtual summit’ with Australian PM India News

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New Delhi: For the first time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a ‘bilateral virtual summit’ with his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison on 4 June, marking the strengthening of relations with Australia and its upward trajectory.
According to the official statement, the Australian PM’s visit to India was canceled, dates for which were already finalized.
The two Prime Ministers held a telephone conversation on 6 April, during which they discussed the ongoing Kovid-19, including the convenience and support of civilians stranded in each other’s country.
“There is the Indian diaspora, which has contributed significantly to the relationship between the two countries. During the telephonic conversation, PM Scott Morrison spoke of the Indian community, recognizing the importance of Indian students as a vibrant part of Australian society,” MEA said.
It added that there are very warm and friendly relations between India and Australia, which are constantly growing and growing.
The strategic partnership between the two countries was strengthened with Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s visit to India in September 2014 and PM Modi’s visit to Australia in November 2014.
“The Framework for Security Cooperation between Australia and India, signed in November 2014 during PM Modi’s visit to Australia, laid the foundation for intensive foreign, defense and security policy exchange between the two countries. Since then, institutional dialogues have been Regular meetings are taking place. Place, ”the statement said.
It added, “High level negotiations are also going on. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visited India in April 2017; the Governor General of Australia visited India in March 2018 to attend the founding summit of the International Solar Alliance and The President made a historic visit to Australia. In November 2018. ”
PM Modi and PM Morrison have met four times in the past year and a half – on the lines of EAS in Singapore (November 14, 2018), on the banks of the G20 in Osaka (June 29, 2019), the peak in Bieritz on the margin of the G7 Conference (25 August 2019) and on the margin of EAS in Bangkok (04 November 2019).
Economic engagement between the two countries is also increasing. In 2018-19, trade between the two countries amounted to US $ 21 billion. Australia’s cumulative investment in India is approximately US $ 10.74 billion while India’s total investment in Australia is $ 10.45 billion. The Australian Super Pension Fund has invested US $ 1 billion in India’s National Investment and Infrastructure Fund.
“The two countries are taking forward investment and trade with each other,” the statement said.
“As two democratic countries, India and Australia have developed an understanding of each other’s perspectives on regional and global issues. We have a shared vision for an independent, open, inclusive and prosperous Indo-Pacific.”
Australia has supported India’s global initiatives such as ISA, CDRI and Indo-Pacific Oceans initiatives. Australia supports India’s membership of an expanded UN Security Council.
In recent times, Australia supported India’s membership of the Australia Group and also supported the membership of the Wassenaar Arrangement and India’s NSG.
The virtual summit on 4 June will be an opportunity to review the broad outline of the relationship between the two leaders and discuss their respective responses to the Kovid-19 pandemic, the official statement, in the context of the growing relationship between India and Australia. said.


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