PM unveils Rs 370 billion top package for GB: calls it “just a start”

PM unveils Rs 370 billion top package for GB: calls it “just a start”

Gilgit: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday unveiled a Rs 370 billion development package for Gilgit-Baltistan with a special focus on tourism by promoting road and air connectivity, power supply and education and health facilities. To promote.

He said that this package of Rs. 370 billion for five years is just the beginning. We will help you further according to your need. My guess is that if you take proper care of tourism, you will no longer need money from the center but we will ask you for funds. You can’t imagine how happy you are, “said the Prime Minister, addressing a function here during his day-long visit.

He was accompanied by Planning Minister Asad Umar, Kashmir Affairs Minister Ali Amin Gandapur, SAPM Dr Sania Nishtar and Zulfiqar Bukhari.

The prime minister, who had earlier unveiled plaques to inaugurate several projects and break ground under the development package, said he was looking forward to such a package for GB.

He also lauded Asad Omar for designing a mix of projects under PSDP and public-private partnership, keeping in view the cheapness of the federal government.

He said that despite the financial constraints due to the huge debt burden, the federal government has come up with a Rs 370 billion package for GB with which he had been associated since school age.

The development package includes hydel projects, new roads and Babusar tunnels, scholarships and skills training for youth, upgrading health and education facilities, water and sanitation schemes, promotion of SMEs and international flights. Completion includes an expansion exclusively at Skardu Airport.

He said that after visiting Austria and Switzerland, he found GB the most beautiful region in the world, which was also accepted by his foreign friends.

Even people from Pakistan and abroad were amazed by the beauty of Pakistan through his picture book “Indus Journey”.

The Prime Minister said that the previous rulers had not expressed any concern over the development of GB as they used to go to London for holidays where they had properties besides their own children.

However, he said the PTI government has decided to take advantage of the region’s potential, especially in tourism.

Comparing Pakistan and Switzerland, the Prime Minister said that later tourism generated revenue of about $ 60 billion to 80 80 billion, which is much more than the previous total exports of 25 25 billion.

He said that the development of GB would not only change the living standards of the local people but also bring in foreign exchange for the country.

Praising GB Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid for his spirit of service to the people, Imran Khan expressed satisfaction over his decision to nominate him for the slot.

He told the gathering that GB is an attractive destination for both summer and winter tourism. In the summer, it will attract locals, while in the winter, it is a perfect place for skiing, which is also a major source of income for Switzerland.

However, the Prime Minister repeatedly directed the GB government not to compromise on town planning and environmental protection while implementing the plans as it could prove fruitful.

He said that since the area was cut off, it helped the locals to form a good community system which would help in enforcing bylaws for tourism as well as city planning.

Calling it another step towards provincial status, Imran Khan said the incoming government had decided to end the decades-old practice of overseeing affairs from Islamabad and allow the GB government to make its own decisions. Will

He said that the impression was created that GB people were not able to run their own affairs which provided an excuse from the federal capital to control the affairs.

The Prime Minister saw that a society that lacks the rule of law can never prosper. He said that those involved in petty financial crimes harmed only individuals but major misdeeds harmed the entire country through money laundering which resulted in inflation and poverty.

Otherwise, he said, after being inactive for the last two decades, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had started cracking down on major criminals during the PTI government.

He said the country had faced a corrupt mafia but was confident he had been “trained to defeat them”.

Under this project, suspension bridges in RCC will be replaced in 10 districts including Gilgit-Shandor Road and Shorter Tunnel, suspension bridges in RCC will be replaced in 1000 districts, construction of five major roads including this one. Installation of Concordia BTS by SCO in memory of legendary mountaineer Ali Sadpara, providing 4G connectivity to those going for the K2 expedition in the toughest region.

The Prime Minister also demonstrated ground breaking for the second phase of Pak-China Optic Fiber Project on all the three routes of CPEC. The first phase of laying optic fiber at a distance of 990 km from Khanjrab to Rawalpindi has been completed. The launch of the Fiber to the Home project for 39 cities is also part of this package.

Imran Khan inaugurated the first IT Park and Technology Incubation Center set up by SCO and KIU. This will provide an opportunity for the latest IT graduates and small business owners to showcase their talents and get early support to further expand or start a new business.

Under the package, USF’s jurisdiction will be extended to GB and the auction of 4G licenses will be completed by June this year.

Planning Minister Asad Umar told the gathering that it was the PTI government’s fourth development package after 14 districts in Karachi, Balochistan and Sindh to ensure development of neglected areas.

He said that out of Rs 370 billion, 140 billion projects would be spent on 250 MW, Rs 33 billion on roads, Rs 6 billion on tourism, Rs 17 billion on education and health sector and Rs 8.5 billion on water supply. Hygiene schemes for environmental protection and Rs. 2 billion.

He said that April 30 will be remembered in the history of GB when a government started moving towards interim provincial status with an extraordinary development package.

He said that the government has also decided to represent GB in all constitutional forums.

Ali Amin Gandapur, Minister for Kashmir Affairs, said that in view of the deprivation, Imran Khan had in the past increased the budget for the GB, despite the fact that the PML-N was in power there.

He said that development projects were delayed there because the then rulers were not interested in public welfare but in their own interests.

Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid said that no such package had been given to GB since 1947.

He said that despite the capacity of 50,000 MW of hydel power, GB still faces 20 hours of load shedding.

He said that poor communication was an obstacle in the promotion of tourism and said that after the launch of Skardu-Lahore flights by the government, the hotels suddenly ran out of capacity. “People are waiting for the expansion of Skardu Airport to complete international flights,” he said.

Khalid Khurshid said that the auction of 4G licenses would fulfill the long standing demand of GB people. He assured that while implementing the projects under the package, the GB government would not allow unplanned construction but would ensure proper town planning and environmental protection.


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