PM uses Bollywood reference to expose ‘corrupt mafia plan’ against PTI

PM uses Bollywood reference to expose ‘corrupt mafia plan’ against PTI

Prime Minister Imran Khan shared a scene from a Bollywood film on Tuesday evening to show how his government has been targeted “from day one”.

Together with the video clip, it was titled: “Corrupt mafia has been plotting against the PTI government from day one.”

The prime minister later resigned for unknown reasons.

A screenshot of this post, later taken down by the Prime Minister.

This clip from the movie Inquilab (1984) shows a meeting of members of a political party with a plan to destabilize the government.

Actor Qadir Khan can be seen addressing party workers. “No, it is not written in the Gita or the Ramayana (religious texts) that a government that has been in power for years should remain. We also have the full right to form a government, and we don’t care.” ! He made a vow

He says the party will have to “win the election” for the project to succeed. And how will they go about doing that? “Winning people’s trust,” he says, signing in a Bollywood signature style.

“And to win the trust of the people, we have to lose the trust of the people in the government.”

He says people will have to make it a condition to believe that the government is “incompetent and inactive” and that, in every town and village in every province, the “fear, unrest and crime” will have a profound effect. And should be influential.

His colleagues then say that at this point, the party will “get out”, “come on stage” and become the “bad face of the government”.

“Then we will tell them that if there is anyone who can save the people, it is us and our subordinate government.”

Although the Prime Minister did not specifically name any individual or group, it is a clear reference to the opposition Pakistan Democratic Movement. However, two out of 10 political parties have recently been expelled. Be on track to remove the Prime Minister and his government from power.


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