PML-N’s Noshin Iftikhar tops the unofficial results

PML-N’s Noshin Iftikhar tops the unofficial results

Photo of PTI’s Asjad Malihi and PML-N’s Noshin Iftikhar College Photo: File

SIALKOT: Polling for the by-polls in National Assembly constituency NA-75 Sialkot IV, Daska on Saturday, April 10, finally came to an end and votes from all 360 constituencies were counted.

The main competition in the elections was focused on Ali Asjad Malihi of PTI and Noshin Iftikhar of PML-N.

According to the preliminary results of all the 360 ​​360 polling stations of NA-75 Sialkot IV constituency, Noshin Iftikhar has won the race with 110,075 votes. On the other hand, Ali Asjad Milli of PTI got 93,433 votes.

This means that according to unofficial results, the PML-N managed to gain a lead of 16,642 over the PTI.

Compared to the two major parties, Tehreek-e-Lubaik Pakistan (TLP) got a total of 8,268.

The total number of voters was recorded at 43.33%. In males, the turnout was 45.1%, while in females it was 41.2%.

A total of 214,063 votes were cast in the by-elections out of a total voter base of 494,003. Accordingly, 1,702 of the total votes cast were declared invalid and rejected Geo TV.

The Election Commission makes smooth arrangements for the elections

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has made all necessary administrative and electoral preparations for holding peaceful, free and transparent elections.

According to Geo TVWith the exception of a few allegations of ‘bogus voting’ against some of the presiding officers raised by Noshin Iftikhar, the polling process remained uncertain for most of the day.

The Election Commission had set up 360 polling stations in the constituency, of which 47 were declared highly sensitive. More than 4,000 police and officers were deployed at the polling stations, while Rangers stood by to deal with any untoward incident.

Ten teams of Pakistan Army were also present in the constituency to assist the administration.

A total of 4,94,003 voters (including 2,73,006 male and 2,20,997 female voters) registered for the election, according to details disclosed by the ECP. Out of 360, 106 polling stations were set up for men, 106 for women, and 148 joint polling stations (for both men and women).

Polling began at 8 a.m. and continued uninterrupted until 5 p.m.

According to media reports, as soon as polling ended, voters inside polling stations were allowed to cast their ballots, while those who arrived after the closing time (5 pm) were turned away.

As per Geo NewsEven Asjad Milli could not cast his vote. It has also been reported that the overall number of voters in rural areas is low, which is expected to play in favor of the PML-N candidate.

The district monitoring officer had also asked the district police officer to stop any MNA and MPA from entering the area, citing the election code of conduct.

Why the election?

It may be recalled that earlier the ECP had declared the by-election of NA-75 Daska null and void.

In NA-75, by-elections were initially held on February 19, 2021, following a full-fledged election campaign between the PML-N and the PTI.

Supporters of both parties showed great enthusiasm, so much so that it turned into chaos.

In addition to the chaos outside the polling booths, other controversies arose. On election night, 20 presiding officers failed to reach the presiding officer’s office and could not be reached overnight.

On the other hand, both the PTI and PML-N candidates contesting the by-elections from the constituency claimed victory even before the official results were declared.

Later, the ECP announced re-election in NA-75 on March 18, but the Punjab government sought time to fill the vacancies in the region.

Subsequently, the Commission announced that polling in NA-75 would take place on Saturday, April 10, 2021.


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