Podcast – How the world is coping with the corona virus, news on six months

It’s been six months since Code 19 was registered as an immediate threat, and yet the panic in the scenarios that filled the imagination in those first weeks – millions of deaths, turmoil in the medical system and food shortages Lack of supply – the virus is very low, no. More than 200 days after the first detection of the corona virus, health officials say the number of infections is rising and is still on the rise. In early August, the world finds itself at a ridiculous stage: the trauma of epidemics has been seen in the past but is clearly indicated.

The Guardian’s International Representative Michael Safi Talks to Rachel Humphreys About the different ways in which countries have dealt with the virus – from some people in Europe who seem to have bent it down but now they are facing another wave for developing countries like Pakistan that Felt quarantined. Danger to life More than the Corona virus itself, it is a time of grinding negotiations between a virus whose dynamics are still a mystery, and the need to earn money, educate children and connect with each other is growing.

سیاحت آہستہ آہستہ پرتگال کی طرف واپس Estoril, Portugal – July 29: "Funny!" Discount Area staff in Gabriel, Portugal, in Estoril, July 29, 2020, during the Corona virus epidemic, Priya da Tamariz, sun umbrellas and beaches used by beachgoers on the beach. The chairs of the sea. The Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) today issued a "Very positive" Review of enforcement conditions and, on both sides, compliance with coastal safety regulations "User behavior", CoVID-19 in the context of infectious diseases. (Image courtesy of Horacio Vallabus #Corbis / Corbis by Getty Images) = max & s = 630b4c76d2ed7d3a51fca474ff400a0c “/></picture></div><p><input type=

Photo: Horacio Villalobos # Corbis / Corbis / Getty Images


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