Police have arrested six people on charges of harassing students on the campus of Karachi University

Police have arrested six people on charges of harassing students on the campus of Karachi University

Herser allegedly chased the car, robbed the women, and at one point forced the driver to break free before reaching the security checkpoint. Image: File

KARACHI: Six suspects have been arrested and a case has been registered against them for allegedly harassing students on the campus of Karachi University, police said on Thursday.

The lawsuits filed against the accused include harassment, verbal abuse, obstruction of the complainant and others.

The case came to light last night when a student who was traveling in a car with two female friends shared his exam on social media.

According to the student’s statement, one of the three students was on her way to the KU campus to drop off the student at the IBA hostel.

On the way back from the hostel, the two students were surrounded by about 10 youths on four motorcycles.

The alleged harassers chased after the car, the women wrapped up the student and forced her to stop at one point before the driver could reach the security checkpoint.

The alleged harassers chased the car, the women continued to wrap the student and forced the vehicle to stop at one point, before the driver of the vehicle could reach the security check post freely.

The narrator said both students felt extremely insecure, and he called the post another possible motorway incident.

According to the student’s statement, the alleged harassers were between 15 and 25 years old.

Taking note of the incident and expressing regret that it took place on the campus of the university, Karachi University security adviser Dr Moeez Khan said that the alleged harassers involved in the incident were identified last night.

He said that the victims would have to identify the harassers in the parade so that the university could take the matter further.

He said action would be taken “according to the law”.

“The identified suspects are minors and children of university staff,” he revealed.

Following the incident, #KarachiUniversityIsNotSafe became a high trend on Twitter, with users demanding immediate action from the administration.

“We want KU to take immediate and strong action against the recent incident. It could have been worse. God forbid, it could be really bad. Don’t let it slip easily. We need to bring the hashtag to the trend for officials to take it seriously, ”a social media user wrote on Twitter.


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