President of HC to Higher Education Council: Clarify your eligibility to hold office

President of HC to Higher Education Council: Clarify your eligibility to hold office

Hyderabad: Justice Abhinand Kumar Shavili of the Telangana High Court, Prof. T., Chairman of the Telangana State Higher Education Council. Pappi Reddy has been given notice, asking him to give the eligibility even after assuming the post of Council President within two weeks. Age limit prescribed in Higher Education Council Act. The judge directed the research scholar of OU. Hearing on a writ petition filed by Vijay Kumar, who questioned the state’s action in continuing Papi Reddy as the chairman of the council. Since he had filed it as a writ of yo warranto and since the High Court had issued a notice to the professor, he would now have to convince the court about his eligibility to hold office. The court also issued a notice to the state, its Higher Education Council, asking the central government to present its stand on the issue.

Appealing for the petitioner, Senior Advocate S. Satyam Reddy stated that the Act clearly states that persons under 65 years are eligible to hold the office of Council President. The state government is extending his tenure through the issuance of Go. He said that since he had crossed the retirement age in 2019 itself, these GOs could not protect his eligibility, he said. He said that the government orders cannot overturn the statutory provisions of the law. Section 5 (1) of the Higher Education Council Act states that only those who have not attained the age of 65 will be appointed as the President of the Council. In the present case, Satyam Reddy said that even after crossing the age of 65, the state is extending its tenure. The case will come up for hearing two weeks later.


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