Prime Minister Imran Khan took everyone off Twitter

Prime Minister Imran Khan took everyone off Twitter

Some Twitter users made jokes that were a thousand years old joke. News via GeoTV / Files /

KARACHI: It seems that Prime Minister Imran Khan has cut off his Twitter account after Monday and talked of removing everyone from his account.

On Monday evening, Pakistani Twitter space users noticed that Prime Minister Imran Khan was no longer following anyone on Twitter from his official Imran Khan PTI account.

However, it is not clear whether he left behind Jemima Goldsmith, a film producer and his ex-wife, who holds a special place in the hearts of Pakistanis. Regardless, Twitter was quick to take note.

Surprisingly, someone asked: “Bro @ Imran Khan PTI followed @Jima_Khan?!? !!”

Shaz Malik wrote, “Although رانAmranKhan PTI left everyone behind, but I am sure something is broken inside Jimma,” Shaz Malik wrote.

If true, and not just a Twitter mistake, it shows that Prime Minister Imran Khan has disliked everyone on the micro-blogging website, who has reacted in every way, which It’s different from showing serious concern in making satirical and humorous comments.

“No one is special to Khan Companions now; One Twitter user wrote, “He’s followed everyone.”

One user joked lightly about the Prime Minister and his predecessor Nawaz Sharif, while another compared him to singer Atif Aslam.

Others made jokes that matched a thousand years of humor.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan has only two accounts from his official Instagram account.

Screen shots of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Instagram account Geo. Instagram / screen shots via TV

These include verified PTI accounts and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center (SKMCH & RC).


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