Prime Minister Imran Khan will accept the call of the people on Sunday

Prime Minister Imran Khan will accept the call of the people on Sunday

Senator Faisal Javed Khan said on Friday that Prime Minister Imran Khan would accept phone calls from the general public on Sunday, April 4, at 11:30 am.

According to Senator Javed, the Prime Minister will answer people’s questions directly.

Anyone who wants to ask a question to the Prime Minister can call 051-9224900.

Senator Javed had earlier said that the Prime Minister could be called on April 4, but he did not provide any time.

He said that the Prime Minister’s address to the people would be telecast live on television, radio and digital media.

The Prime Minister last called the people on March 28 for the New Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Earlier, in January, a similar announcement was made, encouraging people to press their demands and talk directly to the Prime Minister about the issues they have with the government. Want to pay attention

In his first speech since his victory to become prime minister, Prime Minister Imran Khan also promised that he would be “accountable” to the people twice a month in the “question time” in the National Assembly.

His conversations with people on television messages or on television addresses over the past year on social media have largely focused on the corona virus epidemic, urging people to exercise caution and realize the importance of wearing masks. Pakistan has successfully reduced the spread of the virus. .


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