Protest outside the ECP, but within limits, says Rashid

Protest outside the ECP, but within limits, says Rashid

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has told PDM leaders that for the first time they are being allowed to protest outside the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) building inside the red zone, but they must also show responsibility, 24 News The news TV channel reported.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Monday, he said there would be no containers in his path, and there were no obstacles. “We will give them a free hand because protest is their right,” he said, adding that they should also keep in mind that there is a limit to protests and they will not take the law into their own hands. ۔ .

Rashid said the government would defend the ECP building as well as other buildings during the opposition protests.

However, he warned the JUI-F against bringing the madrassa students to the protest site. “If that happens, we will take action against the madrassas concerned,” he said.

He said that Rawalpindi and Islamabad have been on red alert since December 15.

The minister said that every detail of the broadsheet would be brought to light which would ruin the future of the opposition leaders.

Rashid said he was confident that opposition leaders would be punished for money laundering.

He was of the view that in matters of foreign funding, the opposition, not the PTI, would have to face music.

He told Maulana Fazlur Rehman that the opposition alliance had no political future as his so-called allies would leave him alone.


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