Protests erupt in Kashmir after alleged coverage of death in custody

Police in the Indian state of Kashmir have been accused of killing a young man in their custody and then killing him in an accident.

Protests erupted in the disputed state on Wednesday after details of allegations related to the death of a shopkeeper, Irfan Ahmad Dar, surfaced. In response, the government cut off the Internet in its hometown of Sopore.

The family of 23-year-old Dar alleged that he was arrested on Tuesday and then tortured in police custody. Dar died within hours of his arrest.

According to police, Dar was killed while trying to escape from police custody. He took advantage of the darkness and the region to escape, police alleged. He said his body was found near a stone quarry, but did not give a cause of death.

Police claimed that Dar was working for the insurgents and two Chinese-made grenades were recovered from his possession. However, this version of events was controversial by his family and was questioned by politicians.

At his home in Sopore, Dar’s brother Javed Akbar, who was also detained on Monday but was allowed to leave around midnight, said he was assured by police that Dar would be released in the morning. Will be released

“We should at least be given his body so that a proper burial can take place,” Akbar said. However, as part of a new policy in Kashmir, alleged insurgents are buried far away in the forest to prevent large crowds from attending mourning ceremonies. Dar was buried just 100 miles from his family home.

Sajjad Lone, a Kashmiri politician who had earlier allied with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, said police incidents “do not increase”.

Lone said: “They have done a bad thing despite inventing a story. The culprits need to be punished.

The death comes at a time when after the overthrow of Kashmir’s semi-autonomous powers in August 2019, Indian government forces are announcing daily detentions and arrests of civilians on charges of aiding the insurgency, which has made the state the center. Was brought under complete control. Government of India

This is the second time in recent months that there have been alleged killings in Kashmir, when it came to light that the killing of three civilians by the Indian Army in July was concealed and thus portrayed as the killing of three armed insurgents. Was .

Both incidents have sparked panic in the region over the exchange of fire between police and the army and the return of extrajudicial killings, which have been a hallmark of life in Kashmir for decades. In 2010, a fake shooting resulted in months of protests.

Hasnain Masoodi, a politician from Kashmir, raised the issue of Dar’s “alleged custodial murder” in parliament on Wednesday, saying “there is no end to the atrocities and that the gulf should be widened further.” Will “.

“After the unconstitutional decision of August 5, 2019, the story of oppression is being told; thousands of people have been detained and now this oppression has taken place. [taken] “With fake encounters and concentration deaths reaching new levels,” Masoodi said.


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