PTA warns ‘talk talk’ once again of ‘obscene and objectionable content’ after formal ban lifted

PTA warns ‘talk talk’ once again of ‘obscene and objectionable content’ after formal ban lifted

ISLAMABAD: The Telecommunications Authority of Pakistan (PTA) has filed a petition against “obscene and objectionable content” on a platform after a court in the northwestern city of Peshawar officially lifted the ban on short-form video service. Warning again.

This was the second time since the ban on Tik Tok that Pakistani authorities had approved the Chinese bite-dance app after re-banning it in October 2020. The latest development comes a month after the Peshawar High Court (PHC) issued an official directive. The Telecom Authority authorizes the service to “immediately block access”.

In a statement released on Twitter, the PTA strongly instructed the TikTak administration to take action against it and ensure its removal, which has been described as “obscene and objectionable”.

The authority said in a press release shared on Twitter, “However, the TickTip administration has been instructed to ensure that irrelevant and objectionable content is removed in accordance with the PECA’s orders and the Honorable Court’s directions.” Make it inaccessible. “

‘Tick Tick Appoints Focal Person’

During a hearing earlier in the day, the PHC was told that Tick Tick had appointed a focal person to focus on “immoral content” and what action should be taken.

In this regard, PHC Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan advised the PTA Director General that there should be a system in the body that can differentiate between “good and bad”.

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Justice Qaiser said that once the PTA took action against the immoral content, “people will not upload such videos”, to which a representative of the regulator said it had repeatedly tried to stop the perpetrators. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

The PHC then ordered the PTA to “open the tick but immoral content should not be uploaded” and demanded a detailed report until the next hearing scheduled for May 25.

The ban could affect Pakistan’s economic future

In addition, Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry expressed concern over how banning apps could “affect Pakistan’s economic future”.

Chaudhry wrote on Twitter, “Peshawar High Court has suspended the proceedings of the single bench decision, the ban on tuk-tuk has been lifted.”

“We need a framework to encourage international companies to make Pakistan an investment hub.”

The federal minister has been vocal about his views on the ban on the app in Pakistan, lamenting earlier this year how judicial activity has diverted technological advances and digital media cases “from judges”. Pleaded not to be heard.

He stressed that Pakistan would never be able to attract foreign investment if it did not change its state policies. “Political and economic freedom shapes an individual’s life,” he said.


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