PTI challenges ECP’s decision to re-run NA-75 in SC

PTI challenges ECP’s decision to re-run NA-75 in SC

IslamabadPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Friday challenged the decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for re-polling in NA-75 Daska in the Supreme Court.

PTI candidate Ali Asjad Milli, along with others, has formed his opposition Noshin Iftikhar party in the petition and said that the ECP did not follow the rules and regulations while ordering re-election in the entire constituency.

Ali Asjad Milli said that the decision of the ECP violated Article 10-A and requested the Supreme Court to release the results of the by-election after annulling the decision of the Election Commission.

The Election Commission had last Thursday declared the by-election for the National Assembly (NA) seat in Sialkot constituency null and void and ordered the government to hold re-election on March 18.

The commission withheld the preliminary results of the NA-75 (Sialkot IV) by-election – a seat in the city’s Daska Tehsil that fell vacant following the death of PML-N National Assembly member Sahibzada Syed Iftikhar. Hassan Shah in August – One day after the polls, there were suspicions of vote fraud.

In a press statement, the ECP said it suspected that the results of 20 polling stations in the constituency had been declared invalid because it had obtained the results with “unnecessary delays”.

In a brief decision, the announcement was made at the request of PML-N candidate Syeda Noshin Iftikhar, who had ordered re-election in the constituency as “a conducive environment was not available for candidates and voters and the election was conducted in an honest, fair, It was not fair. It was transparent. “

“On election day, there was chaos throughout the constituency,” he read.

This order was issued using the powers vested in the ECP under Article 218 (3) of the Constitution and Article 19 (1) of the Election Act 2017.

At the time, the government said it would wait for a detailed order and decide on its future course of action.

The PML-N has been the loudest supporter of allegations of fraud in the constituency. Maryam, the party’s vice-president, had alleged interference in the NA-75 Daska by-election and accused the ruling party and agencies of being involved in the so-called conspiracy.

“Vote thieves included agencies under Imran Khan [in the rigging]He made the claim while talking to media in Lahore last Wednesday. The PML-N VP had warned that if the government did not come clean, it would “expose the names”.

On February 23, she took to Twitter and claimed to have the names of two people, adding that ECP staff had been abducted and held overnight.

Since the election, Maryam Nawaz has been trying to recount, and she has released several videos on Twitter that clearly show the closure of polling stations “according to design”. It claimed that some stations were deliberately closed for about six hours.

“When [they saw] He had said that despite this historic, blasphemous and naked rigging, the PML-N was still in the lead, they had abducted 20 officials in the fog. “I am not saying this, the press release of the Election Commission is also saying this. He said the results were altered when he returned.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. The PML-N VP had also requested the Election Commission to ensure action against the officials allegedly involved in the rigging.

When asked about the Open Ballot Ordinance during his presidency last week, he replied that the opposition had taken a principled stand against the issue. “We received phone calls asking him to please sit with Imran Khan and legislate,” he told reporters. “But we said no, we will not give him any relief.”

“if you [PM Imran] Drag the Supreme Court into it and make it a party in this heinous political game, we will expose you, “he warned.” If the SC chooses to give any relief to the Prime Minister, it will be considered biased. ۔

Now, PTI has officially said that it will take the matter to the SC. At the time of filing, the PML-N KVP has not reacted to the development.


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