PTI government promotes comprehensive development: Bazdar

PTI government promotes comprehensive development: Bazdar

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar lamented that the governments had ignored the priorities of the people as they had spent money on areas of interest and started projects of personal choice.

In a statement issued here on Monday, he lamented that the backward areas have lagged behind in the development process due to the balanced policies of the previous rulers. He added that in contrast, the PTI government has promoted a comprehensive development policy and development work is being carried out in neglected areas.

Usman Bazdar emphasized that the development work was tailored to the basic needs of the people. He said that the development journey has reached far-flung areas to benefit the common man.

He said that the fate of Chakwal district would change with the commencement of development projects. He further said that Chakwal district had been badly neglected in the past and for the first time the PTI government had given the people of the area the right to development. He reiterated that no one can stop the country from moving forward.

The Chief Minister said that public service is the main agenda of the government and public welfare programs are being completed expeditiously. He further said that the country was moving towards development and the politics of anarchy was, in fact, halting the development process.

CM Bazdar said that those who chanted hollow slogans have become a thing of the past. The era of looting will not return and the rulers of the past are reaping what they sowed today. He added that the incoming government does not believe in empty slogans but in practice conveys them to the people. He added that 220 million people would not support those who obstructed the development process.


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