Pursuit of excellence in academics and future ideas

Pursuit of excellence in academics and future ideas

Making the next generation unexpectedly easy to raise is the latest model of 21st century education. The 4C of the new clan that has gone from the Rs 3 era has paved the way for communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Therefore, education should harmonize synchronous and asynchronous learning models to organize the best student-centered practices.

With a quality delivery and collaborative approach, Gurukul The School, Ghaziabad is a known educational center where values ​​are planted, responsibility is exercised and the thirst for knowledge is instilled in the learner. This emerging icon of the pioneering outlook ranks among the nation’s top leading institutions and stands with a hold on many standards of excellence. The school has over the years established a paradigm for commitment to individual attention from child-centered, progressive learning pathways. Set at an arm’s length from the nation’s capital, NCR’s majestic suburb, Gurukul, the school has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, strong digital foothills and sterling playgrounds – all with a grand atmosphere for the best scholars and produce co-ed. Scholarly practices. The building also adds a hand as a participant in the learning process with its speaking walls and thematic setting.

A named name in the region for its reflection-based tailoring of academics and novel approaches to building habits, the Gurukul school, when visited virtually, physically or through its social interface, is known for its world class Let’s learn the places of learning, gives the teacher a look. To be taught, proximity to nature, unity of culture and global outlook and respect for heritable heritage.

The beauty of life is the place to let the fish swim and the sparrow to fly, instead of putting chiles, elephants, leopards and dolphins in one race. In line with this idea, Mr. Sachin Vats, the founding director who runs Flotilla, says, “When children are uniquely endowed, they must be uniquely nurtured. Therefore, as teachers, we carry out this responsibility with utmost care so that no child is left to identify what it is. ”

On discovering the guiding idea that has introduced this contemporary exemplary, one finds that the progressive approach is not a recent addition to the functioning of this school. Practical innovation, critical and reflective thinking, value addition and above all nutritional optimization have been integral to the right approach from its genus. Through the continued performance of integrated, trans-disciplinary and cooperative project-based learning gurukuls, the school has long focused on skills, flexibility, experiential learning, and physical and psychosocial fitness, now the main agenda of CBSE and NEP Are in 2020.


Reputed surveys find this school the “best in personal attention for students” parameter. The long-standing USP of this institution that calls attention is a coherent way in which the path for future adaptation is illustrated for learners. In view of the evergreen job sector, self-confidence, positive attitude, tolerance are associated with an encyclopedic appeal. Every child is hand held regardless of the different learning style or pace. Growths are spherical and co-surgical fields as well as spirals, the concepts are bricked by engaging learners in hypothesis, research, dedication, abstraction and analysis from an independent and group learning setting. Reverse planning is done to map learning outcomes with learning objectives. Faculty uplift and motivation is important to advance the learning process. The Gurukul school ensures that its formulas regularly attend national conferences, webinars and contribute to curricula designing bodies such as NCERT.

The “HOW” part of the process remains central, from individual paternal support programs to participation in literary, cultural and sporting events, from biological parent involvement to rewarding national and international contact. This can be gauged from the team’s unilateral approach. In addition, the graph of success of alumni talks about the life lessons being given in the periphery of the school.

Standing tall among the leading schools in the country, students of Gurukul School are regularly included in the All India Rankers. Results of Times Suve as “Top 3 CBSE Schools” in Ghaziabad on September 30, 2020. Received many awards including ‘The Emerging Leader’, ‘The Stalwart of Education’, ‘The Lighthouse School’, ‘The 12 Schools of Most Innovative’, ‘Outstanding School’, ‘The White Swan Award’ Pioneering Life Empowerment Award. Winner of the ‘Best Infrastructure Award’ CBSE National Science Exhibition 4 times in a row, National Rank in CBSE sports competitions, NTSE, KVPY and Selection in prestigious Olympiads and competitions testifies to the dedicated efforts and integrated approach of the school’s managerial heads and executing body.

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