Rahul Gandhi trying to weaken the country’s resolve against coronovirus: BJP | India news

Rahul Gandhi trying to weaken the country’s resolve against coronovirus: BJP | India news

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New Delhi: Accusing Rahul Gandhi of trying to ‘undermine’ the nation’s resolve to fight Kovid-19, the BJP on Wednesday said that Congress leaders are acting in an “irresponsible” manner and to the nation Trying to mislead us with “lies”. And misinterpretation of facts “.
Senior BJP leader and Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also tried to ask Gandhi whether the Congress chief minister also listened to him, even if he did not follow his suggestions on “lockdown” or giving cash packages to the poor. .
Prasad cited the comments made by Gandhi, as the country poses a threat of coronovirus, to accuse all of Gandhi of indulging in politics while demolishing people and campaigning.
The BJP also released a pamphlet titled “Trying to weaken India’s fight against Kovid” to attack Gandhi. The booklet is a compilation of Gandhi’s comments and also a positive report about the Modi government’s efforts to deal with coronavirus.
Prasad told reporters that as of May 26, 4,345 people died in India, with a population of 13.7 million, while 3,43,562 deaths occurred in 15 other most coronovirus-affected countries outside China.
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The minister said that he is not including China as many “questions” are being raised about it.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown courage in the fight against coronovirus and has done so by uniting the country.
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The former Congress president on Tuesday claimed that the four-stage lockout has “failed” in its objective, sarcastically attacking Modi.
Gandhi first criticized Modi’s call for people to clap or beat up utensils to express their gratitude to emergency staff engaged in dealing with coronovirus, a similar thing he said when the Prime Minister gave him a light lamp When asked for, they made false accusations that the workers are being accused. Against ICMR traveling in ‘Shramikar’ trains and then, Prasad said.
The BJP leader claimed that Gandhi’s allegations proved to be false.
“Ever since the nation started fighting coronovirus, he (Gandhi) has been trying to undermine the nation’s resolve. He has been acting in a most irresponsible manner and misleading people by resorting to lies and false facts. Is trying, ”Prasad alleged.
Gandhi’s campaign is based on “spreading negativity”, acting “against the nation” during the crisis, and claiming false credit, he alleged.
The Modi government said that Rs 52,000 crore has been spent in transferring direct cash and announced a package of Rs 1.7 lakh crore as soon as the lockout starts.
According to a question, he said that the BJP is not trying to topple the coalition government in Maharashtra, which is suffering from the growing “internal differences” of its allies.


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