Rajasthan: script history of 3 sisters, together with PhD awarded in village

Rajasthan: script history of 3 sisters, together with PhD awarded in village

JAIPUR: A village-born farmer who billed land at night and worked at his shoe shop by day, three sisters in Rajasthan created history in the desert state as they got a PhD together from a university in Jhunjhunu district The title was conferred.

Three sisters are Sarita Tillotia, who holds a doctorate in geography, Kiran Tillotia who completed her PhD in chemistry, and the third sister is Anita Tillotia who completed her doctorate in education.

They were all awarded doctoral degrees from Jagdishprasad Jhabaramal Tibirewala University, which is located in Churela village of Jhunjhunu.

The three sisters now want to contribute to the nation and take the education campaign to new heights in India. This is the second instance in the country when three sisters were simultaneously awarded doctorates.

Earlier, three sisters from Madhya Pradesh were conferred PhD degrees together which was the first for India.

Speaking to IANS, the eldest Sarita said, “Our father always inspired us to pursue education. We have never sat idle in our lives because our fathers, who are our ideals, have always been busy and willing. Were we to be the same. ”

“Although we were born in a rural environment, we were sent to hostels in Jaipur and Jhunjhunu district to pursue higher studies,” she said, “Actually, the three of us studied for our father after marriage to Ph.D. . Full stop in life. ”

The sisters say that their father Mangalchand Tilotia understood the value of education and practiced ‘Beti Padhao’ in reality many years ago.

Sarita said, “The establishment of this university in rural interiors gives a new performance to the girls. They were inspired to pursue higher education after internal education.”

Sarita is 41 years old and was married at the age of 16. However, her father remained her inspiration and so she started helping her husband in the business. He was into food marketing. “I understood the pain of farmers after my husband got into business. So I choose my research work on the concept of farmers towards agricultural produce marketing in Jhunjhunu district and study of farmers’ attitude and awareness towards traditional and e-procurement . ”

Kiran, 37, did her doctorate in chemistry on water pollution and is now doing a government job. However, she is open to accepting anything challenging for society and the nation. Her husband is in real estate and is very supportive.

“I pursue my education in water pollution due to industrial wastes, its negative impact on human life and its use in the special context of the Jaipur region with a scientific outlook in India,” says Kiran.

Anita, the youngest, studied PhD in education. According to him, the establishment of a university campus in the rural area is an inspiration to all the local people who now want to go for higher education. “I am eager to contribute to the education sector and therefore have pursued a doctorate in education,” she says.

She added, “Dr. DL Pareek and Dr. Shyam Sundar did their doctoral studies under environmental awareness in terms of social availability, creativity, motivation and women empowerment in teachers.”


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