Rajiv Bajaj told Rahul Gandhi, ‘Rebuilding the economy’

Rajiv Bajaj told Rahul Gandhi, ‘Rebuilding the economy’

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New Delhi: In a conversation with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, industrialist Rajiv Bajaj said on Thursday that regaining economic growth will not be an easy task. The discussion on social media platforms – in the midst of the Kovid-19 crisis was largely based on the effect of lockdown on the Indian economy.
The managing director of Bajaj Auto said, “To reopen the economy because the problem is to get fear out of people’s minds.” He also mentioned that a clear statement from the Prime Minister is needed.
“We tried to enforce a drastic lockdown, which was still porous. So, I think we ended up with the worst of both worlds. On the one hand, a porous lockdown ensures that the virus is just now Will also be present and as you said, this. You will still be waiting for your hit when you unlock. Therefore, you have not solved that problem, “Bajaj continued.
“But you’ve definitely skewed the economy. You’ve flattened the wrong curve. It’s not the transition curve, it’s the GDP curve. This is what we end up with the worst (above) of both worlds. Gone, ”he said.
The Congress leader first held talks with former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan on the state of India’s economy on 30 April.
He later held talks with Nobel Prize winner Abhijit Banerjee, who was of the view that the country should come out with a big stimulus package to revive the demand.
A few days ago, he spoke to globally renowned public health experts – Harvard Global Health Institute professor Ashish Jha and Swedish epidemiologist Johann Giesecke – about the coronovirus crisis.
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