Rajya Sabha elections: Ashok Gehlot accuses BJP of ‘horse trading’ India news

Rajya Sabha elections: Ashok Gehlot accuses BJP of ‘horse trading’ India news

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JAIPUR: Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot Accused on friday BJP To engage in “horse-trading” Rajya Sabha elections And said that Congress candidates will win two seats.
” Rajya Sabha Gehlot, while addressing the media with the Deputy Chief Minister here, said, “The elections could have been held two months ago, but they were postponed without any reason as the horse-trading of the BJP was not completed.” Sachin Pilot.
Gehlot said, “We are united. Not a single vote of our MLAs will go to the Rajya Sabha elections and our two candidates will win. Two CPM MLAs will support us in the election.”
Prior to the Rajya Sabha election, Pilot had expressed confidence of winning seats on Thursday and said his candidate would win.
Pilot said, “Our party, MLAs of allies and independents who are supporting us are all united. We have more than the required number for majority. Our Rajya Sabha candidates Neeraj Dangi and KC Venugopal will win.”
Mahesh Joshi, the chief whip of the Congress in the state assembly, wrote a letter to the Director General on Wednesday. Anti corruption bureau (ACB) alleged that attempts were being made to destabilize the state government by luring MLAs of his party and independents supporting the government.


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