Rana Sana warned the bureaucracy of the consequences of demolishing Sharif’s residence

Rana Sana warned the bureaucracy of the consequences of demolishing Sharif’s residence

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senior leader Rana Sanaullah on Friday informed Prime Minister Imran Khan in vague terms that if PML-N came to power in the future, it would demolish the Zaman Park. ۔ 24News HD TV channel reported that if they go ahead with their plan to bulldoze the residence of Jati Umra of Sharif brothers, 24News

Addressing a press conference along with another senior party leader Ahsan Iqbal, he also threatened the Punjab chief secretary and other bureaucrats that if they followed the instructions of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government, they would retaliate. Will take action Addressing the Chief Secretary of Punjab, Sanaullah said, “You will stay here and so will your children.”

The former Punjab law minister told provincial bureaucrats not to follow government orders just for the sake of promotions, adding, “By following the instructions of your bosses, you are crossing the red line.”

He made it clear that if one of them said yesterday that he was helpless, then in the face of government pressure, the argument would not work.

Sanaullah said that at a time when the whole country was jammed due to protests by activists of a religious party and people were dying in ambulances, plans were made to bring the Sharif family’s residence to the ground. He added, “They did the same with the Khokhar brothers, whose houses were bulldozed to take advantage of the night.”

Speaking on the occasion, Ahsan Iqbal said that there was a rule of law crisis in the country for which the PTI government was responsible.

He accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of blowing up political parties against each other to spread chaos in the country.

He slammed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s anti-business policies.

Ahsan said that the elected Prime Minister had called the name of the opposition in only one job.

He said the law and order situation in the country was so deplorable that social media services had to be suspended today (Friday) to prevent gatherings of religious party members. He expressed surprise, “But the ‘elected’ are more concerned with demolishing the Sharif family residence of Sharif Omar than getting involved in law and order issues.”


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