Reaction in Pakistan when police blame woman for gang rape

After a woman’s car broke down on a motorway, the mass rape in front of her children sparked outrage and protests in Pakistan, with police expressing outrage at her, who was targeted for traveling alone. Influenced the woman to be.

Fifteen people have been arrested in connection with the gang-rape that took place on the side of a motorway in Lahore at around 1.30 am.

When she ran out of fuel she called the police but, while she was waiting for help, at least two men smashed the windows of her car, pulled her two children out of the car and attacked her. He was raped several times in front of her. Children. They then stole her jewelery, cash and bank cards.

The outrage escalated when Omar Sheikh, the police’s chief investigator, told the media that the woman should have known better than traveling alone at night. He said that no one in Pakistani society would “allow his sisters and daughters to travel alone for so long” and that he should have taken a safe route and made sure that he could travel. There is enough fuel for

Some of the protesters in Lahore. Photo: Amir Qureshi / AFP

The victim is a resident of France, and Sheikh said she “mistakenly thought Pakistani society was just as safe.”

Her comments were met with outrage, with many citing her as another example of a culture of sexual harassment in Pakistan, where women report cases to such women. Is often considered guilty.

Human Rights Minister Shirin Mazari said the investigator’s remarks were “unacceptable”, adding: “Any kind of rape can never be justified.” Demonstrations were planned across Pakistan on Friday, and women’s rights activists demanded Sheikh’s resignation.

The attack comes days after a five-year-old girl was abducted, raped and killed in Karachi.

The prime minister, Imran Khan, said in a statement on Twitter that he was following the case closely and called on investigators to “arrest and punish those involved” as soon as possible. He added: “Such cruelty and barbarism cannot be allowed in any civilized society.”


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