Real Madrid are expected to win the La Liga title, McManaman said football news

Real Madrid are expected to win the La Liga title, McManaman said football news

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CHENNAI: Football activities were halted worldwide before the Kovid-19 pandemic, Barcelona And Real Madrid were fighting a fierce battle for the La Liga title.
Leaders Barcelona were ahead in 58 matches with 11 points in double figures. With the league starting again next week, former Real Madrid striker Steve McManaman will be eager to see if rivals pick up from there.
One advantage of having a Kovid-applied break is that players who must miss the season due to serious injuries – Real Madrid’s Aiden Hazard (ankle fracture) and Marco Asensio (rupture of the left knee ACL) and Barcelona’s Luis Suarez ( Knee) and Osman Demble (hamstring) – deemed to be fit at the restart of the season. Former Real Madrid striker Steve McManaman feels it will give the title contenders a new breath of life.
“The schedule is tight with only 5-6 weeks and so teams with quality players and big squads that have better players back-up will do better. Barcelona and Real Madrid have it and it’s a very close race between the two . At the top. They are back from the injured (in Barcelona and Real Madrid). Everyone seemed to be fit and so they would benefit from a three-month break. Both Barca and Real can now put each other on. “But I hope Real wins the title,” McMann told reporters in a global video conference call hosted by La Liga on Wednesday.
In addition to McManaman during the conference, La Liga ambassadors Gaeza Mendieta, Diego Forlan, Luis Garcia, Christian Carmebu, Frederick Conoute and Fernando Sanz were also present.


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