Rehna angered the Indian government by sending a tweet about the farmers’ protest India

Following heavy police security and “war-like” barricades at protest sites around Delhi, pop singer Rehna has angered the Indian government following a debate on farmers’ protests in the country.

This week, authorities cracked down on millions of farmers on the Delhi border since November. Police began work on fortifying three camps in Ghazipur, Takri and Sanghu, erecting barriers in concrete, digging trenches, erecting barbed wire fences and installing iron nails in the roads, which cut off entrances and Get out in places.

The supply of water and food to the protesting farmers has been affected and paramilitary forces and police have been deployed at all three locations to quell the unrest. Access to mobile internet on the sites was suspended until Tuesday evening following an official order.

Farmers said they were severely affected by the internet shutdown. “I work tirelessly during the day, helping with the arrangements at the protest site. Normally, a video call in the evening with my family could have relieved my stress, but the Internet shut down. “There were tears in his eyes,” said Harneet Singh, 25.

MIRAT – The Delhi Highway, which now looks like a high-rise security fort, was seen by protesters as a sign that strengthening the fort is a sign that the government considers farmers “criminals”.

“The government treats us like thieves but we are fighting for our rights,” said Harbhajan Singh, a 60-year-old farmer from Tarn Taran district in Punjab, who manages a community kitchen on the Singh Border.

Farmers are demanding the repeal of three new agricultural laws, which they say were passed by the government without their consultation, leaving them at the mercy of large corporations.

Farmers say the changes will allow large retailers to buy directly from farmers, meaning the long-guaranteed prices of their crops will be phased out and they will be able to engage in big business.

Narendra Modi’s government, which has offered some concessions but refused to reject the laws, says the changes will benefit farmers and invest in India’s کی 2.9tn sector. It will make up about 15% of the economy and employs about half of the workforce.

Last week, on the eve of India’s Republic Day, a dramatic change in tactics against farmers’ protests turned violent as thousands of protesters, many on tractors and on horseback, exploded through police barricades along the Delhi border and the city Entered the center of Many people stormed the historic Red Fort. One farmer was killed and 500 policemen were injured in the violence.

In a tweet to her more than 101 million followers, Rehna wrote: “Why aren’t we talking about it!” With reference to a report on heavy-handed measures against protesting farmers.

Several hours after Rihanna’s tweet, Swedish environmental activist Greta Thonberg, whose 6 4, 6. There are millions of followers, he also tweeted: “We stand in solidarity with #FarmersProtest in India.”

The Indian government appears to be annoyed by the attention of celebrities to the protests, and in an unusual move it issued a statement that did not mention Rehna or Thinberg directly but criticized foreigners for not doing so. “Without proper understanding” is quick to comment on such matters. Of problems. ”

“The temptation of sensational social media hashtags and comments, especially when resorting to celebrities and others, is neither accurate nor responsible,” the State Department statement said. “

Indian Home Minister Amit Shah also reacted to Rehana’s tweet, tweeting that “no propaganda can stop India’s unity”. And cricketer Sachin Tendulkar wrote using the hashtag #IndiaAgainstPropaganda: “India’s sovereignty cannot be compromised. External forces can be spectators but not partners.

On Wednesday, the Indian government threatened to sue Twitter after the firm blocked 250 shares of information that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had allegedly used the hashtag #ModiPlanningFarmerGenocide and linked to farmers. Reported for tweeting “fake, threatening and provocative tweets”. Protest

Original decisions to temporarily suspend 250 Twitter decisions – including Indian Independent News Magazine Caravan, Farmers Collective Farmers Ekta Morcha, political commentator Sanjukat Basu, activist Hansraj Meena. Conflicting voices from the Indian government.

Following the restoration of the accounts, the Indian government issued a statement accusing Twitter of violating its authority, saying the company “cannot take the role of a court and can justify non-compliance”.


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