Relevance of sports education in the time of COVID-19

Relevance of sports education in the time of COVID-19

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Although most sports activities and programs are put on hold due to COVID-19, academics are expected to receive a good number of enrollments in sports and related programs due to increasing awareness about the importance of fitness and immunity. For example, the Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak which offers postgraduate programs in sports management, has received 400 applications for 50 seats compared to t0 400 in 2019 and 300 in 2018 this year.

The program is offered to educate professionals in a variety of sports management career options.

Says Dheeraj Sharma, Director, IIM Rohtak, “The ongoing crisis to pay more attention to physical health, health cannot negate the role of sports in keeping a person healthy and fit.”

“Apart from making you physically strong, getting education in this field can help in making sound career choices. The formation of various sports leagues like Indian Premier League (Cricket), Hockey India League, Indian Badminton League, Prokabari, Indian Super League (Football) etc. has created a need for professionals in the sports field. However, the non-availability of trained workforce remains a challenge, ”says Lt Gen (Retd) JS Cheema, Vice Chancellor, Maharaja Bhupindra Singh Punjab Sports University, Patiala.

job roles

After pursuing a professional course, Cheema candidates in the sports field become a sports manager, data analyst, event and media manager, sports writer, editor, trainer, coach, nutritionist, public relations officer, coordinator of sports organizations, marketing officer Enables , Program and facility manager etc. He says that a knowledge of various domains in this field will not only prepare you for the job, but it also paves the way to become an entrepreneur.

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, Cheema is optimistic about a good nomination this year. The University currently offers postgraduate programs in Sports Science, Sports Nutrition and Dietetics, Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga, PGD in Sports Management, MSc in Yoga.

Emergence of e-sports

Talking about the impact of the epidemic on sports, Cheema says that this is a temporary problem. “The effect is quite obvious, but it will soon fade and the sports industry will grow rapidly,” Cheema says. Those who believe that the current crisis can lead to the emergence of e-sports in India will be a new domain.

Emphasizing the importance of out-of-the-box ideas to revive the sports sector, the director of IIM Rohtak has the same opinion about the emergence of remotely prevalent e-sports. Sharma said, “Apart from e-sports, the tournament can be held without spectators in view of COVID-19.”


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