Researchers develop rapid, accurate, low-cost Kovid-19 test

Researchers develop rapid, accurate, low-cost Kovid-19 test

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Beijing: Chinese researchers have developed a new low-cost clinical trial for the Kovid-19 that achieves accurate results without the need for sophisticated equipment.
“In this study, we developed an isothermal, CRISPR-based diagnosis for Kovid-19 with single-copy sensitivity” study The authors of Xuzhou Medical University in China wrote in a paper published in the journal PLOS Pathogens.
“We performed a CRISPR-based assay for Kovid-19, which offered short time arounds and great diagnostic value even in under-resourced settings without the need for thermal cyclers,” he said.
The rapid demand for screening and detection of Kovid-19 posed major clinical challenges.
Metagonomic next-generation sequencing (MNGS) and reverse-transcription PCR (RT-PCR) are the most commonly used molecular methods for the diagnosis of Kovid-19, but each has its own limitations.
For example, sequencing is expensive and has a turnaround time of approximately one day, while RT-PCR requires specialized equipment and is difficult to deploy on a large scale.
According to the researchers, the lack of rapid and accurate molecular diagnostic tools has hindered efficient public health responses to viral threat.
In new studyResearchers developed an alternative Kovid-19 test by leveraging CRISPR-based technology, which has been widely used in recent years for gene editing.
The assay, called CRISPR-Covid, enables high-throughput detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) – the virus that causes Kovid-19.
The researchers stated that CRISPR-Kovid provides comparable sensitivity and specificity in mNGS within 40 minutes.
When mass-produced, the material cost of the CRISPR-Covid test can be less than 70 centimeters, suggesting that CRISPR-Covid is a competitive option not only technically, but also economically, the team. Mentioned.


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