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Researchers have identified a new drug to treat patients with Covid 19

LONDON: In the ongoing fight against the novel coronavirus, researchers have now identified a drug that could provide treatment within a year of Covid-19 becoming an epidemic.
The study, published in the journal Sales, found that the approved protease inhibitor aprotinin showed activity against SARS-Co-2, coronavirus, in a concentrated virus in patients.
According to researchers, aprotinin aerosols are approved in Russia for the treatment of influenza and can be easily tested for the treatment of Covid-19.
Aprotinin prevents the entry of SARS COVI 2 host cells and can compensate for the loss of host cell protease inhibitors that are suppressed by the SARS COVI 2 infection.
“Aprotinin aerosol is extremely well tolerated in influenza patients,” said Martin Michaels, author of a study at the University of Kent. Therefore, early detection of this diagnosis may be particularly likely to prevent the development of severe Covid 19 disease. United Kingdom.
“Aprotein has previously been shown to inhibit the TMPRS2 gene and has been suggested as a treatment option for influenza viruses and coronavirus viruses,” added Michaels. Investigated the effects of aprotein against CO-2.
The results showed that aprotein showed anti-SARS-COV 2 activity in different cell types (Caco2, Calu-3, and primary bronchial epithelial cell air-liquid interface cultures) and against four virus isolates.
“An approved aprotein aerosol may have early local control and prevention of SARS-CoV-2 replication. CovidThe study’s authors noted that -19 progresses to severe, systemic disease.


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