Review of the White Tiger – Balzac’s worthy satire of presentation and power the film

T.White Tiger is a story of slavery, resentment and love. And his hero is the “satisfied smile that comes to the lips of a servant who has done his duty through his master.” He does a lot of work in this film with a smile, but it is more than contentment. It is a pattern of professional reflexive and personal holding, with an empty smile in place while the servant decides whether he really hates his master, and when he also decides whether he will ever Somehow he can become a master himself. It’s a vague smile, which makes him wonder if he hates loving the master, or hates this role model. And this desperate aspiration and survival struggle is taking place in India, which has shown a similarly vaguely submissive attitude towards the employer-employed forces of China, the UK and the US globally, all of which are outsourcing They want cheap labor in India.

The play is adapted by film banker Ramin Behrani, best seller of 2008 and Booker Prize winner Around Adiga, and Behrani also directs with the energy to tell a scary story. It is the power of satirical despair about the feudal and bullying system in 21st century India that is growing parallel to the nefarious exploitation and arrogance of other countries. This hero has found the same battle with poverty in this story that he gave us in Man Push Cart (2005) and a poisonous mentor Menti Brownance to compare with his 99 Homes (2014), in which the hero He also found himself working for those who were humiliated by his family.

Adarsh ​​Gorm is a potential boy from a poor village, who once impressed his teachers with his education – as rare as a white lion. But the catastrophic destruction of his family in poverty meant that he had to give up his education, and Bloorum is presiding over his misfortune from a wealthy family, renting it out even though he Already rich in coal exports. Stark (named after director and actor Mahesh Manjrekar), and his eldest son, Mangos (Vijaya Moriah), are among the pastors facing a hot chat. But even more liberal is the tolerant young son Ashok (Rajkumar Rao), who has just returned from the United States with his Indian-American wife, Pinky (Priyanka Chopra). Ruthlessly ambitious Balram makes it his business to work strategically with his managed family and soon Ashok and Pinky get a job as a personal driver, who lives in the luxury of his luxury apartment block in Delhi. Lives on the level of an angel and treats this modern mindset well. Americanized young couples who take pride in treating staff well – up to one point. But a terrible accident turns their relationship, and Balaram’s secret self-loathing, into a crisis.

The White Tiger is a dangerous adventure of self-improvement off the city’s highways, inspired by Adiga’s love of his own Dickens and Balzac, and it’s a really enjoyable story, though not without flaws. I could have done without introducing myself to Balaram through the 90s Fresh Frame / Voiceover tool, which brought us into the story of the car accident drama and tragedy at its highest point – everything except Scratch the needle in silence. This makes the moment of irony a little misunderstood. And it is unreasonable that, when we are shown how the ruling classes can escape murder because the lower caste victims are all the same, this film shows that the servants can also escape from it because they are all together. I can’t tell the difference. It can’t be that easy.

But I liked Balaram’s Epiphany that the real comfort of this servant is not to dream that he has killed his master and then to find out that he has not done so, but to dream that he Has bravely failed to kill his master and then wakes up in search of wealth. , Again, that’s it.

The family is behind it. Balaram is not really helping his family. Balaram will often claim that Ashok and Pinki are his real family and for all of them it is a horrible depravity of reality, this Fatki tribe often does not seem more indifferent and indifferent than Balaram’s own relatives. Clearly, Balaram shows no particular interest in marriage: whatever romantic energies he has fully fulfilled in the need to submit to his employer, parasitically. A fascinating story of Philippine ambitions.

22 White Tiger is on Netflix on January 22.


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