Russia’s last virus summit to hold WWII parade in June: Putin

Russia’s last virus summit to hold WWII parade in June: Putin

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MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia had crossed the peak of the coronovirus infection and ordered the postponement of the World War II parade to be held next month.
“According to experts, the peak can be passed,” Putin told Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, ordering preparations for the parade to begin 75 years after the defeat of Nazi Germany.
Putin said, “We will do it on June 24, the day the historic historic winner’s parade took place in 1945.”
Putin was forced to postpone the May 9 parade in mid-April largely due to exposure from the coronovirus epidemic.
The Russian president said on Tuesday that the situation was stable but insisted that all precautions be taken to hold the annual Red Square Parade next month.
Putin said that another popular event, usually held on May 9 – the procession of the Amar Regiment that sees Russians across the country carrying pictures of relatives who died in World War II.
Putin said that Russian naval bases would also hold traditional naval parades that day.
The postponement of the Victory Day parade was a setback for the 67-year-old Russian president, who hoped to gather world leaders to watch thousands of soldiers march on Red Square.
The epidemic also forced Putin to cancel an important vote in April on constitutional reforms that would have paved the way for him to retain power until 2036.
On Monday, Putin made a rare appearance in the Kremlin after working outside his Novo-Ogaryovo residence Moscow For the past few weeks.
Russia recorded its highest daily coronavirus death at 174 on Tuesday, but said more than 12,000 people had also undergone treatment in the last 24 hours.
Russia has registered a total of 362,342 cases, which is third in the world after the United States and Brazil.


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