Samara Pashankar of VK is out with her crowdfunding campaign

Samara Pashankar of VK is out with her crowdfunding campaign

PUNE: Samaira Sagar Pashankar, a student of the Middle Year Program (MYP) 1 of Victorious Kids Educators, recently joined a fund raising campaign for Habitat for Humanity India, an NGO. She joined the campaign along with other students of MYP, who lead Team Ophelia, which is another crowd-funding campaign.

A statement issued by the school said that these children are helping NGOs collect funds at an average age of ten, this affected thousands of them with family essentials and hygiene kits in these times of Kovid-19. Helped to do. Our champions never fail to stand out with flying colors and this 10 year old champion is an inspiration to all.

Samaira stated, “I am certified by Whitehat Jr. as a game developer and have been a participant of the ISRO 2020 competition with my elder sister, Simran.

President of VK, Robin Ghosh said, “Our school children know that they will be knowledgeable responsibly and will bring the country to the forefront by becoming the flag bearers of tomorrow. The learning process implemented by the school in students builds confidence in them every day; And this is what makes them invincible from learning and more searching. ”

Samaria’s mother, Mrs. Pammi Pashankar, said, “It is an inspiration to accept the challenges in their path because of Vedanta’s unique teachings.” The faith I have seen in Samaira is unbelievable, overwhelming as if there is no restriction for her. ”


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