SAP: SAP Launches Business Cloud in India Data Center

SAP: SAP Launches Business Cloud in India Data Center

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Enterprise application software company SAP has launched its Business Cloud at India data center. The company has introduced SAP S / 4 HANA Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud to meet customer demands. The launch will also make commerce frictionless while ensuring compliance with the Personal Data Protection Bill.

SAP S / 4HANA Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud will provide a quick and easy way for enterprises to consume the latest solutions and leverage the next generation of software and services. “As the economy moves toward a consumption-based model, SAP brings together core technologies in the” stack “to deliver a higher level of scalability and flexibility in the country, following the localization of data policy” The company has a Said in the press statement.

SAP Commerce Cloud will provide end-to-end commerce solutions to meet real-time customer engagement.

On the other hand SAP S / 4HANA will simplify and redefine cloud processes, and improve the overall user experience. It also provides a next generation ERP system that consolidates financial, managerial and operational data into a single integrated memory system.


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