School fees: Unions say budget schools are struggling

School fees: Unions say budget schools are struggling

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MUMBAI: Due to differences between parents and schools over the payment of fees, the state budget private schools have said that they will not be able to start the new academic year online. The management has appealed to the government to give them an opportunity to put forth their grievances.

The Private Unaided School Managers Association (PUSMA), the Independent English Schools Association (IESA) and the Unaided School Forum, associations with membership of about 440 schools, said that about 60% of budget private schools are not in a financial position to continue their teachers and So start online classes.

The state’s education department issued a circular in May asking schools not to increase fees for the new academic year and not forcing parents to pay. Since then, the association said that many parents have not paid the fees.

“We understand that the parents are also in financial difficulties and we are ready to help. However, if parents do not pay the fees, it is almost impossible for us to continue working. In many budget private schools, where fees are minimal, there is no scope for digging in stores. So schools do not have the resources to create online infrastructure and start classes, ”said Rajendra Singh, representative of the Independent English Schools Association.

The groups have also written to the School Education Department demanding an opportunity to discuss the solution. “We want the government to listen to us.” Wherever possible, schools have reduced fees and are giving considerable facilities ranging from paying parents in installments to scholarships. However, we need money to pay teachers and keep the school running. In the post-Kovid-19 situation, schools will need to spend more on social distance and sanitation. We need to come up with a solution, which works for everyone.


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