School teachers call off Islamabad sit-in

School teachers call off Islamabad sit-in

According to 24 News HD TV channel on Sunday, Punjab Secondary School teachers withdrew their demand for a sit-in after talks with the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration.

Teachers announced postponement of sit-in near Bani Gala in Islamabad after talks with the administration. The TV channel reported that the Punjab government and the teachers’ association will now hold talks on Monday.

Teachers have also criticized the statement of Punjab Education Minister Murad Ross, saying, “We have no political will. We have brought our regulatory issues and will continue to struggle until the demands are approved.

Punjab Education Minister Murad Rass tweeted, “Teachers protesting outside Bani Gala want regularization without PPSE pass which is the law. I will not break the law to satisfy them. For the solution, 4 of their members have been sitting with us for the last 2 weeks. If they still want to protest, go ahead. Zero pressure. “

Meanwhile, PPP’s Mumtaz Khan on Saturday filed a resolution in the Punjab Assembly Secretariat against violence and molestation of teachers near Bani Gala.

A resolution was filed in the Punjab Assembly Secretariat against the violence against teachers in Bani Gala

Posted by 24 News HD On Saturday, December 19, 2020

It is worth mentioning that the police resorted to blind fog tear gassing and baton charged the protesters on a number of teachers on the left side of the prime minister’s residence in Islamabad, Islamabad.

The demonstrators intended to be a private mansion outside Islamabad, Prime Minister and reach the Murari police sealed off all roads in the area and use brutality against teachers.

According to the TV channel, the police did not spare the women and tortured them as many of the children who were accompanying them fainted.

The protesting SSE (Secondary School Educators) refused to disperse despite the use of force and staged a sit-in at Bani Gala Morar, many of whom managed to enter the area in the capital while the Serena Hotel Because of the road to. Bani Gala was completely suffocated.


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