Schools, colleges in Assam to resume regular offline classes from 1 January

Schools, colleges in Assam to resume regular offline classes from 1 January

Guwahati: From class 1 to university level, regular offline classes can resume in Assam from New Year’s Day on January 1 next year, education department sources said.

As the SOP has been referred to the state education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma for approval in this regard, official sources in the education department told TOI that at the bureaucratic level, popular opinion has been given for in-campus classes from class 1 to primary classes. Is making arrangements 5 on every alternate day

“The SOP awaits the state education minister’s clearance as regular classes can be resumed through offline mode in the camps before the breakout of Kovid-19. However, hostels of residential institutions, whether private or Government, unlikely. Except last year students, open from January 1, “a senior official of the Education Department told on condition of anonymity.

Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has expressed the possibility of granting his permission to the SOP soon, though the government may come up with some final changes.

“It is necessary for students in classes 1 to 5 to reopen the campus on every alternate day. However, given the health concerns of students enrolled in the lower primary standards, the state government will have to make an important call.” Official Added.

Even schools and colleges in Assam were formally re-opened to Class 6 students in Assam on 2 November, as seven months after the Kovid crisis, offline classes at universities and colleges have somewhat hampered the barriers. Struck, as the state government has not given permission to reopen hostels for all students.

Sources in the Education Department said that if the SOP finally allows the hostels to be reopened only for final year students, the rest of the students will have to arrange their own accommodation facilities.

In educational institutions in the state, engineering colleges continue to have online classes including those enrolled in technical education. But officials have long been delayed in reopening residential institutions such as engineering colleges, where students are required to attend practical classes.

Since online classes have been the most difficult for children studying between classes 1 to 5, primary teachers have sought to reopen offline classes for lower class students who are no older than online education.

“On November 5, we met the state education minister and demanded reopening of offline classes for primary classes, at least for students in classes 4 and 5. Bringing young children to schools is very important because They cannot handle mobile phones. Or computers like students of secondary or higher classes. A large number of primary students have forgotten the lessons taught to them before closing the schools. If for them to reopen offline classes The drop out rate will go away if an immediate decision is not taken. Definitely, “said Ratul Chandra Goswami, general secretary of the Assam State Primary Teachers Association.


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