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The official said that the proposals to start a text-based discussion on IP waivers, rather than a more general discussion, were successful in the informal meeting of the WTO-related aspects of the WTO (TRIPS) Council agreement. ۔

However, some member states continued to be skeptical of the possibility of starting negotiations and demanded more time to analyze the proposal.

In addition to the European Union, these included Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Japan, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Taiwan.

Agreements in the WTO require the support of the consensus of all 164 member states.

India and South Africa came forward with the original idea. He has proposed a revised proposal, which currently has the express support of 63 members of the WTO.

The trade official said there were also differences over the question of whether and to what extent IP Protect aims to combat the epidemic, and the use of existing flexibility and potential improvements in terms of trips.

The official said questions were also raised about the duration and end of the proposed waiver.

The trade official said Pakistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia and Kenya were among the countries that expressed the need to start talks.

The TRIPS Council will hold an informal meeting on June 8-9 when the members will further their positions.


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