Second Confederate statue removed in Richmond

Second Confederate statue removed in Richmond

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WASHINGTON: Employees working on the mayor’s order erected a second statue on Thursday at the behest of the mayor of the city of Virginia, the capital of the pro-slavery civil war southeast.
The statue of Matthew Fontaine Maurya, a Confederate naval officer, was shown in television footage by a crane with its stone base removed and placed on a flatbed truck.
A statue of the Confederate General, Thomas “Stonewell” Jackson, was taken down to Richmond on Wednesday to be removed as part of a campaign to collect Confederate symbols across the country.
Richmond Mayor Laver Stoney ordered Wednesday’s “immediate removal” of the Confederate statues on Monument Avenue to “speed up the medical process for the city.”
The mayor said that as the southern capital during the 1861–65 civil war, Richmond has been “burdened with that heritage”.
“A lot of that burden has been put on our residents,” Stoney said. “These statues, though symbolic, have cast a shadow over our children’s coloring dreams.
Stoney called the move a “down payment” rather than a solution to racial injustice in the city and across America.
Commander Robert E. of the Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War on Monument Avenue. A statue of Lee has become the focal point of recent protests and has been included in slogans such as “Black Lives Matter”.
The Lee statue is of the state, however, not of the city.
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has ordered it removed “as soon as possible”.
Over the past few weeks, several Confederate monuments have been pulled up by protesters protesting police mistreatment of African Americans.
President Donald Trump has opposed his removal and the Department of Homeland Security announced a special new task force on Wednesday to protect historic monuments.
In Jackson, Mississippi, the state flag was permanently lowered from the state capitol on Wednesday. The Mississippi state flag was the last American state banner with a Confederate insignia.
In 2015, a white supremacist at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, launched a campaign to remove organized monuments after shooting and killing nine African Americans and the May 25 death of George Floyd, an African American man killed by a white American. Was lifted again after. Officer in Minneapolis.
The NASCAR race car franchise banned the display of the Confederate flag at its events last month and four portraits of 19th-century lawmakers, who served in the Confederacy, were removed from the US Capitol.
The Republican-led Senate committee approved an amendment last month that ordered the Pentagon to rename 10 US Army bases named after Confederate military figures.
According to historians, most of the hundreds of Confederate monuments located in the south were erected during the Jim Crow era of racial segregation and in response to the civil rights movement.


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