Section 144 of Assam applied on Indo-Bangladesh border in Cachar district

Section 144 of Assam applied on Indo-Bangladesh border in Cachar district

In view of the movement of extremist elements, the district administration in Assam’s Cachar district has implemented section 144 of CR. PCs in areas along the India-Bangladesh border.

The government said in a statement on Monday that the order was issued by deputy commissioner Kirti Jalli on Saturday. In his order, the deputy commissioner also repealed the night curfew in the border areas. The order will be in force for a period of two months.

“The movement of individuals between sunset and sunrise within one kilometer of the Indo-Bangladesh border will be completely banned. The release issued by the district administration stated that no person will visit the Surma River and its high banks in the actual control zone of India.

“In order to create law and order problem in the district, an order has been given to check the extremist elements and to prevent unauthorized movement of goods including the cattle of the district from the areas around the district boundaries,” he said.

Henceforth no one will be allowed to ply boat on Surma to catch fish and will have to take prior fishing permission from the Circle Officer at Katigorah.

Sugar, rice, edible oil, wheat, salt, etc., will not be allowed to be carried on any vehicle including carts and rickshaws within 5 km within the district’s border with Bangladesh between sunset and sunrise.


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