Senate panel found that Russia interfered in the 2016 US election

Senate panel found that Russia interfered in the 2016 US election

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The Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that the Kremlin began an aggressive effort to medal in 20 …Read more

Washington: Senate Intelligence Committee concludes Kremlin aggressively seeks medal for 2016 presidential election Donald Trump The Republican-led panel on Tuesday released its fifth and final report investigating electoral interference.
The Senate panel described the total number of more than 1,300 pages in its report as “the most comprehensive description of Russia’s activities to date and the threat they present.” The bipartisan investigation lasted approximately three and a half years, longer than other investigations.
The report deliberately does not come to a final conclusion, as other reports have done, about whether there is enough evidence that Trump’s campaign coordinated with or contested Russia and that Democrats walked away from Hillary Clinton, making their findings. Left open to partisan. Explanation.
A group of Republicans on the panel presented “additional views” in the report, stating that it should state more clearly that Trump’s campaign did not coordinate with Russia. But Democrats on the panel put forth their views, arguing that the report clearly shows such cooperation.
Former special counsel Robert muller A report released last year concluded that Russia intervened in the election through hacking and a covert social media campaign and that the Trump campaign embraced the help and hoped to benefit from it. But Mueller did not accuse any of Trump’s allies of conspiring with Russia.
The Senate investigation also delayed areas of great interest to Trump that were not discovered by Mueller. These include the FBI’s reliance on dossiers of opposition research compiled by a former British spy whose work was funded by Democrats.
Senator Marco Rubio Of FloridaThe committee’s acting chairman said in a statement that the committee was upset that the FBI was ready to use the dossier “without verifying its functioning or sourcing” against the former advisor of the Trump Trump campaign without applying for a secret surveillance warrant.


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