Set sail and social distance: Taiwan begins sea cruise amid epidemic

Set sail and social distance: Taiwan begins sea cruise amid epidemic

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Keelung, Taiwan: Taiwan The industry was brought to a virtual deadlock following the coronavirus epidemic, resuming an island-hopping ocean voyage on Sunday, to resume trips to join a handful of places in the world.
Some 900 Holiday Producers Are Adopting New Safety Measures While Genting Boarding HogcogExplorer explorer starts from north of taiwan Keelung Harbour. The company now offers five-day trips from Taiwan to its beautiful outer islands Penghu, Kinmen And Matsu.
Cruise restoration is part of a government effort to boost the badly hit tourism industry. Taiwan has largely closed its borders since mid-March and advised citizens against foreign travel unless absolutely necessary.
Cruise Line sales manager James Sun said the voyage could fulfill the desire to travel for those who are not allowed to travel abroad.
The ship is carrying just one-third of its maximum passenger range, and is equipped with 22 Kovid-19 wards to separate passengers when they fall ill.
The 500-strong crew underwent a 21-day health checkup before getting on board. All front-line service workers are required to wear masks and gloves. Buffet service has been removed, the casino and spa onboard are closed, and the dining table is separated and split from the screen.
Passengers must maintain social distance and check their temperature before boarding the ship.
“Because of the coronavirus, we cannot go abroad, but I still have the mind to travel, so I signed up for the island-trip,” said 22-year-old traveler Cai Jiyaru. Because I think it is very safe in Taiwan right now. ”
Taiwan has not handled the epidemic well at hand with only 11 active cases and no local transmission for more than three months due to early and effective prevention.


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