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T.Actor Jeffrey Bragg was born in Lake District in 1909 and later renamed his hometown Kendall, but, in Indian schools and theaters in the 1940s and ’50s, he was simply known as “Shakespeare Wallah”. went. The brave cast of actors who guided him in the production of classic dramas includes his wife, Laura Liddell, daughter Jennifer and youngest daughter Felicity Kendall, who first worked as a stage hand and then MacDavid’s Macbeth. He started acting as a son at the age of nine.

Jeffrey Kendall and his family together in the film Shakespeare and God (1965), developed by Ismail Merchant and directed by James Ivory as another feature of his newcomer Merchant Ivory stability. In the film, Kendall’s theater duo, named Shakespearean, are dumbfounded in a band called Buckergham Players. In this motley company, Jeffrey and Laura play with their parents, and play a tragic and humorous role on stage, carrying books for their third-grade trip around the subcontinent. Starting his romance with playboy Sanju (Shashi Kapoor), 18-year-old Felicity plays his daughter Lizzie, who gives him Desdemona and Ophelia at night. Jennifer Kendall, Kapoor’s off-screen wife, has a small supporting role and the costumes are designed for the film.

Shakespeare’s is based in an increasingly modern India, whose pop culture is embracing English traditions and presenting Buckingham players with an acronym. The booming film industry is also represented by Bollywood star Manjula (played by actor-turned-chef Madhur Jaffery) who also has a relationship with Sanju. Lizzie finds herself in direct competition with the glamorous screen icon, just as she sees stage cinema as a competitor.

Madhur Jaffery, OK, with Shashi Kapoor in the theater. The presence of Jaffrey's character disturbs the audience of the play.
Madhur Jaffery, OK, with Shashi Kapoor in the theater. The presence of Jaffrey’s character disturbs the audience of the play. Photographer: Merchant Ivory / Coble / Rex / Shutterstock

Although the film has its roots in a special socio-cultural moment for India, the threat posed by on-screen entertainment is still as global as it was then. In his 1998 Guardian essay for Geoffrey Kendall, Ivory wrote about the tensions with the veteran actor during production: “They told me how they despised cinema – that cinema was their enemy. The theater was evacuated and the tour was canceled. ” But Kendall – who, despite his lack of film experience, is comfortable in front of the camera, admits that thanks to Ivory, “it was the lowly cinema that told the world a part of my existence and my struggles.”

And the humble cinema here is incredibly beautiful. Black and White (due to budgetary reasons) shot (due to the film’s passionate reasons), the film has great speed, it is sensitively written by Ruth Parvar Jhabwala and with music by respected director Satjit Ray Is coming The journey of theatrical genres often turns out to be a bit of a comedy, such as Fellini’s Variety Lights (1950) or George Cocker’s Heller in Punk Tights (1960). But Shakespeare Walla has a clear view of the company’s travel life as he travels from private performances in palaces to distant school audiences, watching the excitement of acting through excellent card games and the window in the middle. ۔

When the company puts on an adapted version of Antony and Cleopatra at the request of the Maharaja, he secretly says: “We are all forced to cut down on the text given to us by destiny.” The difficult art of adaptation – whether it’s Shakespeare’s or your personal situation in changing times, with limited resources – is at the heart of the film. Returning to a school where they have had success in the past, players are able to squeeze themselves out of the busy schedule of sports-influenced activities. Kendall’s acting managers take the refusal personally, as they do when his audience in the theater is distracted by Manjula’s dark presence in the auditorium one night. Like the British owners of the Glen Eagles Boarding House, lost by a glittering new hotel that keeps typing down, he wonders if he should have returned to England now. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Especially the way different races are drawn between different continents.

We look at fragments of the Shakespeare Classic offered by Buckingham Players – rates are recycled for different characters, powder and paint are applied freely, and the same sets are ready for scenes that sometimes Films personal dramas in the lives of the characters. It is during the production of Romeo and Juliet that we realize how much Sanju loves Lizzie: a balcony drama unfolds in the auditorium itself as he fights a group of onlookers who surprise him. Declaring

While some of these scenes offer a glimpse of how it feels to watch Shakespeare’s countless performances, they are amazed at the powerful event in which a dynamic Sanjo, leaving Hamlet’s own performance, gave Manjula everything. Has told This. Her eyes dance as she battles the plot of the game, understands Hamlet’s delay and Ophelia’s sadness, and describes the stage craft with a sense of wonder. This movie about theater, despite its authentic performances and attractive production design, can never be extinguished when it describes only the thrill of an art form that is always gone by its very nature.


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