Shani Dev His Son: Everything You Need to Know About Painting

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Artwork by famous Spanish artist Francisco Goya artwork Saturn devouring his son ‘is considered one of the greatest paintings of the 19th century. The artist had created a group of fourteen paintings, which have since been named the group The Black Paintings. ‘Goya created these paintings on the walls to decorate his house, which was just outside Madrid. Of these 14 pictures, a title
Saturn Devouring His Son remains one of the most unforgettable. 

Goya, who is said to be suffering from symptoms of depression since the age of 46, created these murals and painted them directly on the walls of his house. These sets of 14 paintings were not for public consumption, as they depict their struggles with depression and troubled times in Spain. He did not name any of the 14 paintings and was later moved from the walls onto the canvas almost 50 years after he was first painted.

What is the story behind Goya being the son of Shani Dev
Francisco Goya’s history painting reflects the Roman myth that the Titan Saturn, the god of time, believed that his own son would destroy him, just as he did with Father Callus. To prevent that incident, Shani ate each of his sons, the moments after his birth. According to legends, his wife hid the sixth son Jupiter, who eventually went on to claim the throne of Saturn.

In the painting, Goya portrays a naked man with oblique hair and wide eyes, who has already eaten his child’s head. The ghostly work of art actually captures Saturn’s frenzied and mental state, as he proceeds to eat his son.


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