Shashi Tharoor’s tweet: Shashi Tharoor responded to Chetan Bhagat’s request.

Shashi Tharoor’s tweet: Shashi Tharoor responded to Chetan Bhagat’s request.

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NEW DELHI: Shashi Tharoor and writer Chetan Bhagat had an entertaining Twitter exchange on Sunday, with the Congress leader later praising him using “big words”. To please Twitter users and himself, Tharoor immediately obliged.
It all began when Tharoor wrote on Twitter to praise an excerpt from an opinion published by Bhagat on TOI that ‘youth need to turn off their phones and ask about the economy’.
Describing it as a “masterpiece”, Tharoor said that Chetan’s great quality is the simplicity and directness of his writing.

The Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram said, “His message is clear and I hope his fans in the government will work on it.”
“Excited” by the inflammatory accolades, Bhagat tweeted that he would “frame” Tharoor’s tweet and make a bizarre request from the Congress leader.
“Well, I still can’t get over it. @ShashiTharoor has praised @chetanbhagat. I’m swimming. Just a request sir, next time you can use some big words to praise me , Like you can. Fantastic is good, but a big one will really make my day! “, The author tweeted.

Moments later, Tharoor replies, “Sure, @ Chetan_Bhagat! It is clear that you are not a Sisecladian nor given to Rothermont. Your views are not met with torture resolutions and express without consent.” Has been done. I appreciate today’s column’s clear approach. ”
Known for his voluntary vocabulary, Tharoor often made headlines on Twitter for using big words like ‘ago Farrago’, and Rodomonted ‘and olly snowgrowster’.


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