Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes: Chapter launching next year

Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes: Chapter launching next year

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Fans of Sherlock Holmes can never get tired of reading about his mastery skills as he sees everyone from various murders to simple murders to macabre. Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective is one of the most widely adapted literary characters in the world, with adaptations in books, plays, movies, television artwork and more. Continuing the Sherlockian legacy is Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, the next game in the Frogwears video game series based on Super Sleuth.

The game is confirmed for a 2021 launch by Ukraine-based game developer on Steam, Epic Games Store and It will be launched in PC, Xbox One, PS4 and the upcoming next gen console. Frogwar made this announcement on Twitter.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is the next game in the series after The Devil’s Daughter which also features a detective. The game involves a young Sherlock Holmes who investigates the death of his mother Violet Holmes. The setting is not foggy London, illuminated with gaslights, cabs of swans on the cobbled path. Instead it is the open world of the Mediterranean Sea, on whose banks there are some clues to his mother’s death.

Sherlock will not have Watson, but John’s company and lawyers, a “mysterious friend” who describes the game as his best friend. Hence, hypothetically, John H.W. Before Watson MD, there was a John. Perhaps he too was in both convenience and discomfort with this Holmes.

Players could use both brute force and infallible methods to get closer to the truth. Before Sherlock confronts the clues, misleading, rumors, evidence and more to help him find out the truth about his dead mother.


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