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Shibli asks Fazal, please don’t mislead people about corona virus and vaccine

On Sunday, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz condemned the statement of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Chairman Fazlur Rehman regarding corona virus and vaccine.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Shibli said that Fazal had made an irresponsible statement, which was not expected of him. “Please don’t mislead people about the corona virus,” he asked Grace.

On Saturday, just two days after Prime Minister Imran Khan was vaccinated against the viral infection, Fazil questioned the effectiveness of the vaccine after Prime Minister Imran Khan was declared positive for the corona virus. He said the virus was contagious even after the prime minister was vaccinated, so either the vaccination was a fraud or the corona virus was a hoax. He said that the corona virus was detected immediately after the Prime Minister was summoned by the ECP in a foreign funding case and it was beyond comprehension.

Shibli appealed to the opposition, especially the PDM chairman, not to mislead the people about the corona virus and vaccination.

Commenting on the PDM’s Sunday press briefing, he said the government was not bothered by their plans, but they should do something positive that could serve the people during epidemics.

Shibli said the nation was praying for the recovery of Prime Minister Imran Khan and it showed how much people loved and trusted him. He said that the government was taking every step to control the inflation and increase the target of subsidy to provide facilities to the people. Will provide


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