Sindh police sent a letter to FIA to ‘hack’ Twitter account

Sindh police sent a letter to FIA to ‘hack’ Twitter account

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KARACHI: Sindh Police has written a letter to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber ​​Crime Wing seeking help in retrieving their “hacked” Twitter account.

In his letter to the FIA, the project director of the Information and Technology Department of the Sindh Police said, “Please take legal action against the hacker.”

Sindh Police DMC [Digital Media Cell] The letter states that the official Twitter account, sindhpolisedmc, has been hacked and edited under a new name, sindhpolisedmc8, and is being run by an unauthorized anonymous person.

It further said that “Sindh Police cannot change anything in this account and is unable to log in. Details of Sindh Police DMC’s email conversation with Twitter are attached.”

Twitter account ind sindhpolisedmc8 has more than 42,400 followers, according to the reporting time. It is following 42 other accounts but no unusual activity was observed.

On the other hand, Sindh Police also created a new Twitter account with DMCSindhPoliceDMCS handle, which has 18 followers followed by 41 accounts.

Sindh Police’s new Twitter account shared the original letter, which was sent to the FIA.


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