Sindhi leaders accuse Pakistan of rising incidents of enforced disappearances

Sindhi leaders accuse Pakistan of rising incidents of enforced disappearances

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FRANKFURT: It is common for fascist Pakistan spy agencies to kidnap a 16-year-old boy Aaqib Chandio To 70-year-old Sen Bacha Shah. Historical nation The worst in Pakistan are subject to sabotage, violence and holocaust, while political activists are the worst states to endure torture and terrorism, he said. Shafi BurfatChairman of Jey Sindh Mutahida is just (JSMM) on the International Day of Missing Persons.
“People go missing for various reasons, but the most prominent among them is the disappearances enforced by the state. In different countries of the world, enforced disappearances are subject to various government policies, but especially in China and Pakistan Thousands of people mainly belong to political activists. Burjfat said, “Historical governments have used state spying agencies to spread dissatisfaction against the oppressive policies of these governments and to oppose imperial occupation of their lands and resources by these rogue imperialist states.” Is kidnapped and vanished. Exile in Germany.
The reason for these disappearances is purely political, he said.
“The militant Pakistani state is using fascist torture and terror to crush political movements for the historic Sindh and Balochistan nations independence of the Pakistani imperialist occupation. The Pakistani fascist army is destroying the oppressed. Sindhi and Baloch The exiled Sindhi leader said that the people press their voice for the liberation of our nations from the worst colonialism of our nation.
He continued, “As China is ruthlessly beating Uygars for the most psychological and physical torture in concentration camps, Punjab (Pakistan) is also repeating the same state terrorism, vandalism and atrocities against Sindhi and Baloch youth.”
Thousands of Sindhi and Baloch political activists have so far disappeared and been enforced by the Pakistan Army and ISI, who have suffered the worst psychological and physical torture in their secret torture cells. Thousands of mutilated bodies of Sindhi and Baloch political activists have been dumped by ISI in uninhabited areas of Sindh and Balochistan. Sindhi and Baloch nations have been facing such situations for decades.
Barfat told ANI, “Pakistan is an unnatural terrorist and rogue state that has forcibly captured the historic Sindhi and Baloch nations through its military might and deception. Democracy And Islam ”.
It is committing heinous atrocities and gross human rights violations against the Sindhi and Baloch historical nations. To strengthen their hold on the lands, resources and seas of Sindh and Balochistan, Pakistani fascist states are constructing illegal settlements in these lands to convert the natives into minorities and the weaker. Massacre.
To see the success of its multi-billion project i.e. CPEC China has also become a partner in Pakistan’s crimes against humanity. The Pakistani military has tripled its military presence and brutal massacre operations in Sindh and Balochistan. They went missing, tortured inhumanely, tortured extravagantly, chopped off the bodies of these political activists and dumped them on barren streets or piles of garbage in broad daylight.
These shameless fascists do not spare even the elderly women and children and have been abducted and tortured by Chinese activists to pressure political activists who oppose foreign occupation of their land. Punjabi Imperialist nexus. There have been hundreds of cases of rape and firing in the past decade.
“The Pakistani military is playing the role of the worst rogue terrorists in Sindh and Balochistan, as China is doing in the Uighur and Tibetan regions.
Pakistan and China weigh equally on the scale of human rights violations and brutal genocide of historically oppressed countries. “, Said Burfat.
He said, “UNO and the international community should pay serious attention to Chinese and Pakistani crimes against humanity. It is a tragedy that secular political Sindhi and national movements for Baloch independence are prosecuted by the Pakistani fascist state, while extremists The terrorist is being run by Islamic organizations. Sponsored by the Pakistani state. ”


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