Six detained in France over Nice church attack – World News

Six detained in France over Nice church attack – World News

A French police source said two more people were arrested in connection with the knife attack, which left three people in a church in Nice, while taking six people into custody as investigators identified the last known contacts of the suspected attacker Saw.

The latest arrests took place on Saturday, the source said.

“Allahu Akbar” (God is the greatest). An attacker killed two others in a church in Nice on Thursday and killed two people with suspected Islamic motive in another suspected knife attack in France.

A 21-year-old suspected attacker from Tunisia was shot dead by police and is now in critical condition in a hospital.

The latest arrest in the case involved two people from the city of Grasse, near the southern French coast near Nice, BFM TV reported.

France’s leading anti-terrorism prosecutor has said that the man suspected of carrying out the Nice attack arrived in Lampedusa, the Italian island of Tunisia, on 20 September.

Italian investigators are also inquiring about the activities and contacts of the suspected attacker on the island of Sicily. Judicial sources said they believe that after traveling from Lampedusa to Bari in early October, they would have spent time there after traveling on a ship used for migrants.

Judicial sources said that in turn, he is believed to have been obliged to leave Italy within a week to hand over the eviction order. Sources said investigators are looking into the possibility that the suspected attacker lived in the Sicilian town of Alchemo for 10 days.


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