‘Slapping for extremists, terrorists’: RS Prasad on Jammu and Kashmir DDC election result – India news

‘Slapping for extremists, terrorists’: RS Prasad on Jammu and Kashmir DDC election result – India news

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday launched the District Development Council elections, the first set of voting in the newly formed union territories of Jammu and Kashmir, as a victory for hope and democracy and the Prime Minister’s vision for Jammu and Kashmir.

The BJP, which emerged as the single largest party, won 75 seats in the election. Prasad said that the Guptar coalition, an alliance of opposition parties in Jammu and Kashmir, was formed only because the parties never faced the BJP alone.

Prasad said, “People are calling it a victory of the Guptkar alliance, but if you look at the numbers, BJP has gained more votes than NC, PDP and Congress.” “BJP has 4,87,364 votes, while NC got 2,82,514, PDP 57,789 and Congress 1,39,382 votes.”

Prasad also said that polling percentage in areas like Shopian, Bandipura and Pulwama has increased since the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, adding that the public is unhappy with the central government’s decision to take away the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

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“The people of Kashmir have given a spectacular slap to the extremists, terrorists and their patrons,” Prasad said. “The defeat of the Guptkar alliance from the region of Burhan Wani is important for additional reasons. The so-called assassination of Burhan Wani was made an issue of international campaign. Today the defeat of the Guptkar Alliance from that region shows the change of wave in Jammu and Kashmir.

Prasad also said that the people of Kashmir have seen development after years, restoring their faith in democracy. Prasad said, “People have rejected those who govern and instead they have chosen those who work.”

The Union Minister also praised the victory of 52 independents, of whom he said many are supporters of the BJP. “Democracy in Jammu and Kashmir is turning its back. Instead of throwing stones, people are now exercising their franchise using ballots, ”he said.

“People make a habit of angering the Prime Minister and questioning his popularity,” Prasad said. “But people from Ladakh to Telangana, Rajasthan to Assam and Bihar have chosen Narendra Modi as their leader.”


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